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Information about Scalpel Free Vasectomy

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PATIENT'S GUIDE TO Scalpel Free Vasectomy

Vasectomy is a quick and relatively painless surgical procedure. The tubes that carry sperm from a man's testicles to the penis are blocked or sealed.

It is done in our one stop clinic in Brisbane under local anaesthesia, so that you can walk in and walk out in very little time.  A vasectomy has no effect on sex drive or ability to enjoy sex. You will still have erections and ejaculate normally.

The only difference is that your semen will not contain sperm.

If you are still debating whether you should go for vasectomy or put your partner through tubal ligation (female sterlisation operation), the following information table should hopefully help you make up your mind.

Compare the pair Vasectomy vs. Tubal Ligation

Scalpel Free Vasectomy Female Sterilisation Tubal Ligation Comments
Usually done under Local Anaesthesia Usually done under General Anaesthesia General Anaesthesia carries more risk to health and life compared to Local Anaesthesia.
Walk in and Walk out clinic procedure Hospital Admission is needed and sometimes staying over until full recovery Having General Anaesthesia means hospital admission incurring hospital admission cost and anaesthetist cost.
No risk of injury to other major organs Risk of injury to bowel or bladder during procedure even when done under laparoscopic (key hole) procedure Complications that can occur with tubal ligation are sometimes diagnosed late or missed. Even though in small percentages, fatalities have occurred. Vasectomy is safer alternative compared to tubal ligation.  
Risk of failure is 1 in 2000 Risk of failure is 1 in 200 Vasectomy is 10 times more effective compared to tubal ligations
You will need to use extra contraception for 4 months until the tests show no live sperms in the sample. Depending on the type of surgical procedure, contraception still needs to be used for up to 3months. After your vasectomy, it is important to use extra-contraception until tests prove no live sperms.
You can prove that the operation has been successful by testing after 4 months. There is no way to prove the effectiveness of the tubal ligation. There is no effective test to prove tubal ligation has been a success. Unplanned pregnancies can still occur. In addition, there is the greater risk of ectopic pregnancies (where the pregnancy occurs outside the womb). Ectopic pregnancy is a dangerous risk to woman's life.
The total cost of our clinic procedure is just $590. There are Medicare rebates that include around $71.70 for the consultation fee and $164.25 for the procedure, meaning your out-of-pocket costs will only be around $355. Cost varies from hospital to hospital and can go up to few thousand dollars. Scalpel Free Vasectomy under local anaesthesia is both cost effective and affordable. All follow up consultations are bulk billed.

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